What are the three best kinds of operations for cataracts?

The only way to eradicate or solve issues of cataracts is to go for cataract surgery. However, there are several kinds of operations when it comes to cataract surgery. A doctor can choose to use any of the three methods to treat cataracts. Although it may sound like the three methods of solving cataracts are pursuing a different goal or playing a different role. Of course, that’s not what we are saying here. They all have one thing in common. These methods of cataract surgery aim to take out the cloudy lens and then replace it with an artificial lens.  

You might be wondering why an operation needs to be done on the eye being the sensitive part of the body. But we are here to assure you that cataract surgery is simple and it’s standard procedure. The doctor will not just bring out some tools and begins to cut down some parts of your eyes. There’s nothing to worry about. Before the surgery, you will be given anesthesia to numb your eye. The work of the anesthesia is to ensure that you are awake and sedated. So, while the cataract surgery is on, you won’t feel any pain. Don’t be scared! 

Another thing about cataract surgery is that this operation only takes ten to twenty minutes. You don’t need to stay all night in the hospital. They can discharge immediately after the surgery. The only reason for your coming back will be for a regular checkup unless you have a cataract in both eyes. If you have cataracts in both eyes, the surgery cannot be done at the same time. The doctor will have to do the first eye, wait for nothing less than six to eight weeks, then you can come back for cataract surgery on the other eye. You can learn about another surgery which calls LASIK by clicking here.

Why cataract surgery?

Over 95% of people that have passed through this process can testify to it. With cataract surgery, it is easy for one’s sight to be fully restored. Although some cataract surgeons can advise you to be use eyeglasses, they know that eyeglasses can sustain you for a long time. Therefore, cataract surgery is the only remedy if you want to see things exactly how they are. Here in Sydney, people with cataracts are advised to go for cataract surgery because it is the safest and the most reliable way of restoring people’s eyes. 

Therefore, knowing why it is essential for people to go for cataract surgery, we will then move to the three ways or methods of operating cataracts.

What are the three best ways to operate cataracts?    

  1. Small-incision surgery
  2. Large incision surgery
  3. Femtosecond laser surgery

Are you ready for the ride? Now, let’s ride!

  • Small-incision surgery

This kind of operation is often called phacoemulsification. If a doctor is using this method, he will make a tiny cut on your cornea. Then he will proceed by putting a small device in your eye that gives off ultrasound waves to break up the cloudy lens in your eyes. Your doctor will carefully remove the natural lens and then replace it with the artificial lens. This method of operating cataracts is one of the best methods used by surgeons in America and some parts of the world. In fact, research has shown that people in Sydney also prefer this operation method because they see it as the simplest and easiest way of dealing with cataracts. Globally, small-incision surgery is regarded as the simplest of all forms of operating cataracts.

  • Large-incision surgery

This method of operating cataracts is not common. It is often called extracapsular cataract extraction. If you hear your doctor telling you that he will be using this method to operate on cataracts, this implies that your cataract is a chronic one that can cause more vision trouble than usual. Therefore, doctors only suggest using this method for patients with a high level of cataracts in their eyes. In this method, your doctor removes the clouded lens in your eyes and swaps it with an artificial one. Remember what we said earlier that all these methods are pursuing the same goal. However, this surgery method requires more time than small-incision surgery during the process and after the procedure. That is, it will take more time for the surgery to be healed using the large-incision method. Therefore, large incision surgery is strictly meant for people with more significant cataracts. 

  • Femtosecond laser surgery

Femtosecond laser surgery is the best to treat astigmatism. This operation also has the same process as the other two methods of operating cataracts. The doctor uses a laser to break up the natural lens and then replace it with an artificial one. It is the best style or method of operating a curve in the cornea that can make one vision to be blurry. Therefore, the surgeon will make use of a laser to reshape the cornea. This operating method is one of the best ways to eradicate cataracts.

Furthermore, femtosecond laser surgery is the most acceptable or the most-used method of operating cataracts in Sydney. Virtually all surgeons in Sydney use this method. It doesn’t take much time as well. It is easy to perform in a short period. If they use this method to operate on cataracts in a patient’s eye, they can leave the hospital that same day. It doesn’t take much time for the surgery to be healed like the large incision surgery.


For several people, recovery from surgery goes smoothly. Therefore, determining the specific time that the surgery will ultimately heal depends on the body and the type of surgery. Some people will recover fully after two to three weeks, while others will take nothing less than five weeks. Therefore, this article has done justice to what you ought to know about cataract surgery. We explained why you need to undergo cataract surgery; then we proceed to the three methods or styles of operating it.  

Tips on how to find the right doctor for cataract surgery in Sydney

If you want to have successful cataract surgery, you must have the mind of working together with your doctor as a team. There should be an agreement between you and your doctor before entering the theatre room for cataract surgery. Although finding the right doctor for cataract surgery can be a difficult task to achieve here in Sydney. The reason is that there are eye clinics in Sydney that doesn’t have all that it takes to embark on this journey. We are not saying one cannot find a competent doctor for cataract surgery in Sydney. But we are here to guide you through some things you should look out for before selecting a doctor for cataract surgery. 

Therefore, if you want to have the best possible results, there’s a lot of work you need to do. Also, please don’t assume that all eye doctors can take you through the process of cataract surgery successfully. We believe it would be nice to start this vital information by telling the right person to perform cataract surgery for better understanding.

How to find best doctor for cataract surgery -ask a doctor online

Who performs cataract surgery?

Without stressing you here, only ophthalmologists can perform cataract surgery. Ophthalmologists are medical practitioners that specialize in eye problems. They can diagnose and treat all kinds of eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma. 

However, some other medical doctors can help you take care of your eyes. They are;

  • Opticians: Opticians fit eyeglasses and contacts. Let me quickly chip in this; opticians are not trained to diagnose or treat any eye disease.
  • Optometrists: These experts only have a license to perform eye exams. They are well-trained to find and treat some eye conditions. Please note that optometrists are not medical doctors. Of course, they can diagnose cataracts, but they can’t perform the surgery to remove them.

However, we only show you the difference between ophthalmologists and other eye doctor that can care for your eye. We hope you are not lost. Hence, it is expedient for you to know that it is wrong to assume that any of the above-listed professionals can deal with cataracts. Can we hit it again? It is only an ophthalmologist that can perform successful cataract surgery. 

What are things to look for in a cataract surgeon?

Before you can trust anyone in handling cataracts, you need to consider some factors. Those factors include:

  1. Credentials: Ensure that any ophthalmologist you want to choose is a certified one. Make sure you choose a doctor who has passed through a series of training and got skills to perform eye surgery. Several people have failed in looking intently at the man they want to commit their eyes on. Some did not even research to know if the doctor is a certified ophthalmologist. In fact, please go to the extent of checking the doctor’s records you’re about to choose. You need to check if they don’t engage in any form of examination malpractice or an act of indiscipline. As funny as this may sound, it will surely go a long way. 
  2. Experience: Your work will take a step further to know if the doctor is full of knowledge. If you are with a surgeon with a lot of experience, then the chance of risk in doing the surgery will be minimal. Some quack doctors will perform this surgery, leading to inflammation, bleeding, infection, and any other complications. Then, how can you know your surgeon’s experiences? You can ask them some questions like; 
  • How many operations have you performed? 
  • What is your surgical success rate?
  • Are there any chances of complications after this surgery? 
  • How long have you been doing this surgery?

Therefore, if the doctor you chose can answer the above-listed questions directly without shaking, you are in safe hands.

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  1. Specialty: Some eye surgeons only focus on certain types of eye surgery. Therefore, you must know the area of your surgeon’s specialization. There’s nothing terrible in saying, “what is your area of specialization?” one of the advantages of working with a surgeon specializing in cataract surgery is that they will know the latest techniques and methods of removing cataracts. 
  2. Surgical options: Remember, your surgeon will remove the damaged natural lens and replace it with an artificial one. Mind you; there are several types of an artificial lenses like newer and multifocal lens implants. Do you know why you need to know all this and discuss it with your doctor? For instance, multifocal lens implants as a type of artificial lens only offer a crisp vision for reading and driving. Therefore, before choosing a surgeon, you must take your time to do thorough research about these options to be able to ask questions and get more clarity. Dear reader, if you want to go for this surgery, ensure that you choose an ophthalmologist that will implant the type of intraocular lens you want. 
  1. Check the doctor’s personality: Make sure you choose a doctor ready to hear from you. They must be a good listener. Your ophthalmologist must be prepared to answer all questions been thrown at them.  Click here to read about WHAT ARE THE THREE BEST KINDS OF OPERATIONS FOR CATARACTS?

Final words

What is now the next step to take after one has picked one eye surgeon? The next thing is to fix an appointment with them. Schedule a consultation. Express yourself freely in front of them. Also, tell them the exact way you are feeling. Therefore, we hope to hear good news about your cataract being eradicated with the help of the competent eye surgeon you chose. Hence, if you want to get a qualified eye surgeon in Sydney, you can go straight to search engines like Google then search for a competent eye surgeon in Sydney. Google will suggest countless eye surgeons that are based here in Sydney to you.